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I am a Electronic Software Engineer with experience working on Startups, Banks (Colombia & Dominican Republic) and Learning Applications. I’m software developer with 10 years of experience working as a Front-End Developer.

I’m specialist building solutions using Angular, Vuejs, Javascript, Typescript, NgRx, RxJs and other related technologies.

I have some experience creating Unit tests using Karma and Jasmine. I love and I’m stronger on the Front-End side, but I have some experience on the Back-End too, using frameworks like NestJs, TypeORM to handle DB, creating JWT, Guards, and others.

I love to keep the products with high quality and good structure, I’m proactive and I like to do things that can improve the product in the correct way



    Vuex(+4 years)

    NgRx(+6 years)

    CSS(+12 years)

    Vuejs(+4 years)

    NextJs(+1 years)

    NestJs(+2 years)

    Scrum(+9 years)

    TypeORM(+2 years)

    HTML(+12 years)

    RxJs(+5 years)

    Git(+2 years)

    Javascript(+12 years)

    Nx(+2 years)

    SCSS(+8 years)

    Angular(+8 years)

    Tailwind CSS(+3 years)

    Typescript(+8 years)

    ReactJs(+1 years)

People Say


Ricardo besides being an excellent front-end developer, has a lot of knowledge in other layers that are involved in software development, which allows him to participate in making important business decisions with a more general vision. He is a natural leader, who cares that the methodologies and / or frameworks that are used always follow the best practices and in case they are not, he leads the team to improve the shortcomings he detects.

Hernán Giraldo2nd VP Solution Architecture / Chapter Lead Front-End Web/Mobile at BHD

Ricardo is an excellent professional, his learning ability is impressive, thanks to that he has made great progress in the company and has generated important results. Collaborative work, sharing knowledge and achieving objectives, describe how he supports a team.

Augusto Paredes RojasAgile Coach - Scrum Master

Rich has been an incredible developer for us. He has made significant contributions to upgrading our app's experience, with both existing UI/UX and new complex features. He has a great eye for design, often proactively going above and beyond our requirements to create delightful in-app moments without compromising our goals. He has been a perfect and versatile team player, doing whatever it takes to achieve our goals despite the uncertainties of an early stage startup. He picks up new skills really fast, willingly embraces any challenges, constantly pursues new knowledge, and is easy to communicate with. We're very thankful for the great outcomes he has created for us and lifelong friendship we've built with him. Any employer would be extremely fortunate to have a talented engineer like Rich!

Tim YuProduct mentor & advisor

Ricardo makes extremely easy to get things done when working with him. He’s a highly skilled developer but beyond that, he has a great power to connect the team and engage them in achieving their goals. I can say it’s great to have him as a teammate.

John LopezTech Manager - iOS Developer at Globant

Rich has been an instrumental member of the Pluto Money team. He joined as a frontend engineer and quickly became a core contributor developing the Pluto Money mobile app. The user experience would not be as amazing as it is without him. Rich has an upbeat attitude and passion for learning, often requesting tasks outside his typical role so he could learn new things. He is easy to communicate with, constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and a frontend code ninja. I am incredibly lucky to work with him and can’t wait to see what he builds next!

Dante MonaldoEngineering at Basis



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